Elizabeth Parker Ware, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Elizabeth Parker Ware, Ph.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Ware has been in private practice in Bath, Maine, since 2006.  Her emphasis is on young people (ages 8-21) and their families, with primary expertise in anxiety and OCD.  Dr. Ware makes an effort to combine her clinical training and knowledge with a practical, down-to-earth approach.  Early adolescence and the transition into young adulthood are two developmental time frames of particular interest to Dr. Ware, as these are periods during which anxiety and other mental health challenges often peak.  Liz is a North Carolina native.  She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1995, earned her PhD from University of Delaware in 2002 and interned at Johns Hopkins’ Kennedy Krieger Institute before moving to Maine.  She is a lover of dogs, Tar Heel basketball and the outdoors.


Parental Consultation 

Parental Consultation is a new service, offered because many parents are concerned about some aspect of their child’s behavior or development, and they would like ample time to speak confidentially about it with a professional.  Consultations are two hours long, and are most often a one-time standalone appointment,  The goal of the meeting is not diagnosis or treatment, as the child is not present.  Rather, these are discussions delving into questions such as the following:

  • Are my child’s behaviors typical for his/ her age or does there seem to be a bigger problem?
  • What type of therapy, if any, should I seek for my child?
  • Might it be appropriate to modify my parenting approach to help my child?
  • Are there books or other resources that might help my child or family?

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual and family therapy with Dr. Ware involves ongoing sessions and leans on cognitive behavioral and family systems perspectives.  The therapy practice generally remains full, and no new clients are being taken at this time.  (Returning clients are given special consideration when possible.)

Scheduling and Preparation for
Parent Visits

Two-hour consultation slots are available on Mondays 9-11 AM, and Thursdays 12-2 PM.  Appointments may be requested by telephone or email (see below).  Once an appointment is scheduled, parents are asked to write up a history or summary of their concerns.  Prior to the meeting, Dr. Ware will review this background information so that the session time can be dedicated to developing a path forward.  The fee for a parent consultation is $150, preferably payable by cash or check although a credit card option is available. (Payment is due at the time of the visit and cannot be billed to insurance because it is not a medically necessary service.)

Elizabeth Parker Ware, Ph.D.

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Elizabeth P. Ware, Ph.D.