Elizabeth Parker Ware, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Elizabeth Parker Ware, Ph.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Ware has been in private practice in Bath, Maine, since 2006.  Her emphasis is on young people (ages 10-early 20s) and their families, who are most often seeking assistance related to anxious or depressive symptoms.  Dr. Ware makes an effort to combine her clinical training and knowledge with a practical, down-to-earth approach.  Liz is a North Carolina native.  She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1995, earned her PhD from University of Delaware in 2002 and interned at Johns Hopkins’ Kennedy Krieger Institute before moving to Maine.  She is a lover of dogs, photography and the outdoors.

Therapy Services:

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all affair.  Depending on the situation, a young person might be seen individually or together with members of their family.  Dr. Ware often takes a ‘family systems’ approach, exploring relevant history that may have bearing on a current problem.  Therapy frequently includes a ‘behavioral’ emphasis, including encouragement to develop new patterns, gradually face feared situations, or try new things in the interest of growth & change.  Acknowledgement is also granted to the powerful narratives that often subconsciously influence our decisions.  Humor is incorporated respectfully when appropriate, and information from past and present are utilized to create insight.  Sessions are typically 45 minutes in length and a trial of therapy can be short or long, entirely depending upon a person’s circumstances and ongoing dialogue about progress.

Scheduling Information

Unfortunately, Dr. Ware’s practice is presently full.  

Elizabeth Parker Ware, Ph.D.

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Elizabeth P. Ware, Ph.D.